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How to Measure a Boxed Edge Cushion - My Backyard Decor

How to Measure a Boxed Edge Cushion

When measuring the width, depth and/or height of a boxed edge cushion, you want to be sure to place the tape inside the welting to obtain the correct size of your cushions.

Measurement inside the welt shows you the width of cushion needed.

The end of the tape is on the inside of the welt. Do not place tape over the welt.

Boxing size is the measurement on the side of the cushion measuring inside welt to welt.

To measure the loft (thickness) it is best to place something light on top of the cushion to provide a straight edge. In the picture below we are using an empty file folder, the folder is just slightly pulled out over the edge of the cushion so that the correct loft measurement can be seen.

Laying the cushion on the floor or on a table will give you the hard, flat surface necessary to obtaining true loft measurement.

When measuring existing cushions, DO NOT smash the cushion down while measuring.

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