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3 Trendy Ways to Hide Outdoor Trash Bins - My Backyard Decor

3 Trendy Ways to Hide Outdoor Trash Bins

outdoor trash bins

When it comes to creating outdoor living spaces, there are some stunning furniture options available. Browse around and you’ll see umbrellas and bases, garden décor and other items that work together to produce relaxing environments with picture-perfect style.

The one area that seemingly still lacks a bit of panache is … trash.

Most of the time, once we step outside, those ugly, enormous cans are what come into play. Those stinky trash bins try to outshine the aroma of the one-inch-thick Porterhouse steaks you marinated all day.

If you’re tired of staring at ugly oversized waste containers, here are 3 trendy ways to hide them in plain sight.

#1 - Build or Buy an Enclosure

If you have a spare weekend and a handyman’s (or woman’s) touch, you can craft your own trash bin storage shed. Plans are readily available online. Common materials (depending on the size of your shed) include:

  • 2x4s
  • fence boards
  • OSB board pieces
  • tongue-and-groove pine boards
  • hinges and hardware

Create one with a top and you can insert your indoor trash can easily. However, most of these are not movable once assembled.

#2 - Use a Simple Screen

lattice screen

You can often find lattice boards at home improvement stores as well. If you don’t have the time or skills to create a full-blown trash can enclosure, you might opt for a folding screen to disguise the appearance of your garbage bin.

With a few sheets of 48-inch x 8-foot lattice and several hinges, your project can be finished in no time. Because these screens are not anchored, they can blow away with moderate wind.

#3 - Buy a Stylish, Tilt-Out Trash Bin

tilt out trash bin

If what you really want is an attractive, portable option, this tilt-out trash bin answers the call. Made of durable pine, it holds a 41-quart indoor waste bin and offers a handy shelf for bags, zip ties and more. Thanks to the enclosed design and sturdy build it sits squarely on any level outdoor surface.

Best yet, the bottom hinges allow the door to quickly tilt out for easy access without having to actually touch the trash bin. Fully enclosed, it deters odors and bugs so it’s safe to place by your grill or outdoor dining table.

Custom made in the USA and available in over a dozen colors, it’s sure to coordinate with your décor. If you don't see the color you need, let us know. We may be able to get a color closer to what you want.

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