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Is it Better to Make a Garden Art Pole or Buy One? - My Backyard Decor

Is it Better to Make a Garden Art Pole or Buy One?

Family art pole

Over the last several months, art poles (also referred to as garden poles and peace poles) have been all the rage for garden / yard décor. Colorful and eye-catching, this latest trend has inspired people to want to make their own.

If you’re a crafty person who simply loves expressing him/herself regardless of the cost, this is a unique project you can use in your own yard or give as a gift. However, there are times when doing it yourself doesn’t save money.

While there’s nothing like a muse to spark your creative impulses, designing and building a single garden pole can end up being more expensive than buying one (especially if you find a discount). So, before you let your inner DIYer loose, take a look at the typical expenses (in time and dollars) so you can make a sound decision.

Materials List for Garden Art Poles

Art poles come in all sizes and have been made of wood, metal and PVC. The materials may vary depending on which type of pole you start with. Prices will also vary according to your geographic location and the store you purchase from.

(1)   36”, white, 4x4 PVC pole - $20

(2)   Cap for pole – $2

(3)   Artist acrylic paints – 4-oz tubes (for every color in your design) - $5 per tube. You may need multiple tubes of the colors you use for your base. If you have 10 colors and 4 of the colors require 2 tubes each, the paint will cost around $70.

(4)   1- and 2-inch paint brushes. You can get inexpensive ones online, but be careful of cheap quality brushes that shed. You can find 1-inch and 2-inch round brushes on Amazon for between $7 and $20 each. We’ll estimate a total of $20 for both brushes.

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(5)   PVC primer - $10.

(6)   UV sealant/varnish for outdoor use (may need 2 bottles) - $13.

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(7)   Drop cloth, old newspaper, old sheet (you probably have at home).

Total estimated material cost - $128.50

Design Requirements

Here’s where you can let your creative side shine! Yard poles are about expressing your personality. The whole idea is to capture the essence of your family, hobby or passion.

Want a military tribute for a newly commissioned family or one that is about to deploy? A garden pole is a truly memorable gift. Looking to show off your love for birds? Create or buy a yard pole that with pictures of several birds. Want to inspire serenity? Make or buy a peace pole for your church grounds.

Art poles are typically square, so you can create a design in one of two ways. First, you can draft a design that spans the entire pole. Walking around the pole would reveal the whole design. Second, you can draw an entirely different design for each side of your pole.

Time Requirements

The amount of design, prep and development time varies from person to person. You’ll need to:

  •  Prep the PVC pole
  • Create your design draft
  • Lightly sketch the design onto the pole (using a pencil)
  • Paint the design on the pole
  • Allow it to dry
  • Seal the pole with varnish

For beginners who have never made an art pole before, it will likely take around 8-10 hours from beginning to end. Depending on how valuable you believe your time is, that might add another $100 (at $10 per hour).

Estimate Cost of Time: $100

Buy A Garden Art Pole

Art Poles

If this is a bit more trouble than you were expecting, or you simply prefer to buy an art pole instead of making one yourself, there are deals to be had.

The estimated cost of time and materials to make a garden pole yourself is $228.50.

Keep your eyes open for discounts online. The best art poles are made of PVC because they do not rust like metal or rot like wood. They also have fade-resistant graphics that won’t peel or flake as paint often does. Plus, you can customize them with names or dates when you order.

Many times, you can find garden poles available with free shipping, too!

The choice is yours. Either way, you’re bound to have an inspiring addition to your yard or an impressive gift for a loved one!

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