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4 Simple 4th of July Party Tips - My Backyard Decor

4 Simple 4th of July Party Tips

Parties are a blast! Unless you are the one throwing the shindig. While a Fourth of July is still fun, as the party host you must first:

  • Plan the menu
  • Clean your house
  • Cook the food
  • Meet your guests’ needs
  • Be an accommodating host/hostess
  • Clean up afterwards

Here are 4 simple Fourth of July party tips that can make your day less stressful and more fun for everyone.

#1 - Buy Patriotic Decorations That Last

Yes, you can pick up thin, paper July 4th decorations that will (maybe) last for the day of your party. However, you’ll need to purchase more decorations next year because most of these bargain-level banners, flags, and whatnot won’t survive being stored in a hot attic or closet for 12 months.

A great place to start is the Amazon Best Sellers list for Outdoor Holiday Decorations. Also check out the Epiphany Wow 9' bunting.

#2 - Create Plenty of Shade

It’s hot in July! If you don’t have a covered patio or deck and/or your yard lacks the natural shade, create some. Umbrellas to the rescue! Available in all sorts of materials and styles, these can stand alone or cover a table to offer a cool respite. You can also hang outdoor curtains to block morning or afternoon “sideways” sunbeams.

If you don't have tables with an umbrella hole, consider a cantilevered umbrella with wide coverage.

cantilevered umbrella

#3 - Make Guests Comfortable

It’s time to count. How many people can your outdoor space seat? Not everyone will sit at the same time (except if you’re serving a sit-down meal). A good rule of thumb is to have one seat for every two people you invite. This can include outdoor furniture, outdoor dining furniture, hammocks, swings and any other type of seat.

Our poly lumber Adirondack chairs are a great seating choice. They will stand up to the weather and they include glass/cup holders.

Adirondack chairs

#4 - Get Ready to Eat

Table-and-chair sets are a no-brainer because they easily accommodate guests as they enjoy your delicious meal. But there are other fun ways to eat at a casual party including  spreading blankets on the ground for a picnic feel and more. Choose a blanket that is weather resistant on one side.

 Pretty Rugged Gear blanket

When you start planning your July 4th party, do a quick survey to make certain you have everything in place, so you and your guests have a memorable Independence Day celebration!

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