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5 Ways to Use a Porch Swing - My Backyard Decor

5 Ways to Use a Porch Swing

porch swing

Tempting. Relaxing. Peaceful.

Every porch swing silently extends an invitation to sit and unwind for a while. Few things in life offer such a powerful draw or evoke as many childhood memories.

While you might think back fondly to that swing you loved as a kid, these days you will find porch swings made of numerous materials with several ways to use a them. Here are five of our favorites.

#1 - On a Porch

porch swing

Obvious as it might be, hanging a porch swing from the overhead beams of your front or back porch is still the most popular way to enjoy them. Make sure to use heavy-duty swing hooks and a heavy-duty chain. Drilling pilot holes into the beams will allow the swing hooks to screw in more easily.

Wooden porch swings attach differently than materials such as wicker or rattan so you’ll want to decide which swing you want to purchase before you buy the hardware to hang it.

#2 - On Your Deck with a Frame

#3 - In Your Yard on a Stand

swing on a frame

No porch? No problem! Some clever soul developed porch swing stands years ago and now we can while away the afternoon anywhere we choose. A porch swing with stand and canopy are particularly nice because they offer built-in shade to keep you cooler. No overhang or tree needed.

Porch swings have become so versatile that, even if you have no porch and no deck, you can still appreciate the comforts these swings are so famous for.

Typically made from metal or wood, a porch swing with stand is semi-portable so – if you don’t like your first location – you can relocate until you find a spot that’s just right.

#4 - Hang a Porch Swing From a Tree

Trees with sturdy branches provide excellent support for porch swings. Because trees automatically create shade, you have a picture-perfect spot to unwind with a glass of lemonade (or something stronger). Instead of chains, try hanging your porch swing from thick rope.

#5 - Hang a Porch Swing From an Arbor in Your Garden

If your garden has an arbor, or you intend to build one, your can quickly create a lush respite spot by hanging your porch swing from the top beams. Surround your arbor with plants, a small table and a couple of patio chairs and the outdoors will become as luxurious as the indoors.

Make whichever swing you choose a bit more comfy by adding outdoor porch swing cushions. Designed with the season’s most popular colors and fabrics, you’ll love the way they brighten up your new favorite spot.

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