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Pentatonic Chimes


Listen to the Sounds of Pentatonic

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The Pentatonic Chime is the one of the most popular in Music of the Sphere's lineup.

Pentatonic scale is the most widely used melodic scale in the world, dating from ancient Greece. Its pattern is familiar as the black notes of the piano keyboard. The chime contains all the notes to "Amazing Grace" as well as "The Eyes of Texas".

This tuning comes in 5 sizes:

Size Height Pipe Diameter Weight
Soprano 30" 7/8" 2 lbs
Mezzo 38" 1-3/16" 5 lbs
Alto 50" 1-1/2" 10 lbs
Tenor 60" 2" 27 lbs
Bass 90" 2-1/2" 45 lbs



These chimes are made to order and will take 5-10 days to ship depending on the size. Larger chimes take longer to make.

Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • Do you ship out of the country? Innsbruck, Austria? Cost to ship and length of time to receive?

    It may be possible to ship chimes out of the country. Please use our contact form at

    Provide which chime and size and the address it will be shipped to. We can then provide a cost and time estimate for you.

  • Are the 90 inch Bass chimes all black?

    Yes — the tubes, the clapper and the windcatcher are black. The tubes are coated with a sleek black corrosion protective finish and will never rust. The ring is heavy gauge polished stainless steel.