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Hammock Stand for Double or Kingsize Hammocks - Powder Coated Steel

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Size: Double

Need to hang your hammock and don't have conveniently placed trees or posts? This hammock stand, made of powder-coated cool grey steel tubes, is the stress-free choice for hanging LA SIESTA hammocks or any other hammock with a rope loop at each end. Hammocks sold separately here.

The powder-coated steel pipes are weather-resistant and therefore ideally suited for the backyard, garden, patio or pool deck.

Easy Installation and Adjustment

Put it up or take it down in a flash using the PlugTube System – simply connect the tubes until they click.

Quickly & easily adjust the frame to find your perfect hammock position.

Carrying capacity:
Double: 355 lbs
Kingsize: 440 lbs

Download the instruction manual here.

Dimensions of the double stand:

Hammock Stand


Dimensions of the kingsize stand:

Hammock Stand


This product ships in approximately 1-3 days.

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