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3 Tips to Winterize Your Outdoor Furniture

3 Tips to Winterize Your Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture has been a lifesaver for many who were stuck at home due to Covid-19 restrictions or those who are working from home.

We often get asked "what do I do when it rains or during the winter?" Great question!

You most likely have a big investment in your outdoor furniture and don't want it ruined by the weather. 

Here are 3 tips to winterize your outdoor furniture or even just protect it from inclement weather all year round.

1. Take your cushions inside.

The least expensive option is simply to take in your outdoor cushions, throws, lamps, rugs, or anything else that shouldn't get soaking wet. 

Most outdoor cushions and rugs are OK with a brief/light rain shower. Some outdoor rugs are fine with a soaking shower but shouldn't sit in water for an extended period of time. 

All cushions except those covered in Sunbrella Rain fabric should not be soaked as the water will penetrate the fabric into the stuffing -- not good! 

2. Use a storage chest.

A storage chest is a great alternative to simply taking your cushions and pillows inside. 

A storage chest (like this one from Bluu) can also double as a coffee table for your seating arrangement so it is handy as well. 

There are many options for storage chests: matching furniture pieces, toy chests, pine crates and many others.

If your chest will be outside, be sure to cover it to keep rain or snow out.

3. Invest in covers.

The easiest way to protect your outdoor furniture is to cover it with heavy-duty waterproof material. It is always best to use a cover that snugly fits your furniture to avoid leaks and blowing off.

The best way to get a good fit is to buy covers made especially for your furniture.

Covers and All is a site where you can start with a template (chair, couch, etc.) and then customize it to exactly fit your furniture. 

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Custom Covers

Create Covers That Fit!

Create Covers That Fit!

Covers and All has tons of covers for all your outdoor furniture and if you don't find the perfect size, you can create a custom fit.

Create Your Cover